Cross Country

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Race Fees:

Age Group

(age as of 31 December)

U10s (Non competitive) Free! $7 Day permit optional for insurance.
U13s 5 Requires a MTBA RACE membership or a Day Licence must be purchased
U15s 10
Senior (MTBA member) 25
Senior (non MTBA member) 25
Family Race Cap (excl Day Licence) 50 max


 Day Licence:

3 – 18 Years of Age 22
19+ Years of Age 36
Recreation Upgrade 15
Value Add for CA, BMXA or TA members 15


Club Apparel:

Every item $40


Race Format

Race format is for Yellomundee and subject to change depending on venue.

Grade Number of laps Track
A Grade Men 5 Full (average length 6km)
B Grade Men 4 Full
C Grade Men 3 Full
D Grade Men 2 Full
A Grade Women 4 Full
B Grade Women 3 Full
C Grade Women 2 Full
** Sport Open (U15-Senior)
1 Full
Under 15 Boys 3 Modified
Under 15 Girls 2 Modified
Under 13 Boys 4-5 Short
Under 13 Girls 3-4 Short

** Sport category is an introduction to racing. It is non competitive and will be the last group to start. Entrants will have a timing chip plate to get a recorded lap time.

Point Score Info

In the calculation of the end of year Point Score positions, only a rider's best five Rounds will be included in their total. An additional 10 points will be awarded for each Track Work Day attended.

Click here to download a pdf that explains the point system [16k]


The Club Championships can only be won by a WSMTB member who has started in at least one club round. In addition, a rider is only qualified to win the Championship of the highest Division in which they have started one club round.

XC Grading Policy

Click here to download a pdf that explains how XC is graded


Please note: NPWS rules mandate that no dogs or other domestic animal are allowed in the Event area or on the MTB tracks.

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