Best and Fairest Award Guidelines

WSMTB Garry Payne Best & Fairest Award Guidelines

The WSMTB Best & Fairest Award acknowledges a club rider who has regularly participated in club rounds and in doing so has ridden fairly, respectfully and with in their grade.
The annual award was initiated to acknowledge and celebrate the fantastic community that exists as part of the WSMTB club.
The Award is presented at the Club Championships.
Members of the WSMTB community are invited to nominate a person for this award.

Who is eligible to be nominated?
Any WSMTB member racing in any grade

Who can nominate?
Any WSMTB member racing in any grade

How are nominations done?
Nominations should address the selection criteria and include information about the nominee’s achievements and contributions to the club.
Nominations should be submitted in writing online via the WSMTB online Nomination Form.

What are the Selection Criteria?
Rider who demonstrated general awesomeness;

  • Rider who uses the grading system to challenge themselves;
  • Rider who shows good sportsmanship, sporting skills and trail etiquette
  • Rider who has gone over and above to assist another rider during an event following an accident or mechanical;
  • Rider who is supporting/encouraging of teammates and the development of those around them 
  • Rider who shows a positive and courteous attitude towards other riders, the club and officials 
  • Rider who has shown effort improvement

Selection Process
Nominations will be reviewed by the Executive of the WSMTB Committee.
The winner will be selected by the members of the WSMTB Committee by a vote at its November meeting.