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2024 Calendar


Cross Country (XC)
Come and Try Day – 11th February – CANCELLED
Round 1 – 7th April
Round 2 – 19th May
Round 3 – 23rd June
Round 4 – 18th August
Yellomundee 180 – 8th September
Round 5 – 20th October
Club Championships – 17th November

Cyclocross (CX)
WSMTB CX (King’s Birthday) – 10th June

Round 1 (GE) – 10th March
Round 2 (GE) – 26th May
NSW GE Series Round 4 – 27-28th July – Enter Now
Round 3 (GE) – 15th September

Yellomundee Trackwork Dates 2024

  • 11-12th February (Saturday)
  • 3rd March (Sunday)
  • 31st March (Sunday)
  • 11th May (Saturday)
  • 15th June (Saturday)
  • 13th July (Saturday)
  • 11th August (Sunday)
  • 31st August (Saturday)
  • 13th October (Sunday)
  • 9th November (Saturday)