WSMTB runs both Downhill and Enduro Racing under the is Gravity umbrella.

Downhill as defined by Auscyling is a point-to-point format race involving a course of
between 1.5km and 3.5 km. Total race time should be between two and five minutes. The
course must contain a maximum of 3% paved roads and will consist of a variety of different
terrain types. There should be an emphasis on technical skills rather than pedalling.

Enduro, as defined by AusCycling, are races that include liaison stages and special stages.
Liaison stages have a maximum allowed time for the rider to complete without being
penalised. The times taken to complete special stages are accumulated to give an overall
total time. An Enduro course comprises of varied off-road terrain. The track should include a
mixture of narrow and wide, slow and fast paths and tracks over a mixture of off-road
surfaces. Each timed stage must be predominately descending, but small pedalling or uphill
sections are acceptable. Liaison stages can include either mechanical uplift (e.g. chairlift),
pedal-powered climbs or a mixture of both. The emphasis of the track must be on rider
enjoyment, technical and physical ability.

Check out our calendar and come along for a race.  


The Gravity Enduro series will consist of 4 rounds and will take place at Yellomundee Regional Park and Del Rio Resort

Downhill/Gravity social days will consist of 3 rounds and will take place exclusively at Del Rio Resort.

Event Schedule

Event schedules will vary depending on the discipline and venue. Specific details for each race can be found when entering the event via the Entry Boss website. 

Race Format

Gravity Enduro
Each round will feature 3-8 stages. Riders will be required to attempt all stages during a set time frame. Times for all stages will be accumulated and counted towards each rider’s final time. Liasons will be a mixture of pedal and shuttle depending on the venue and race format. Race format details will be available on Entry Boss when entering the event.
Downhill//Social Days
All trails at Del Rio will be open and able to be ridden on a Downhill/Social Day. One trail will be selected to be timed and riders will be ranked on their two best times. Timed runs will commence at approximate midday but will vary round to round dependent on rider numbers. Whilst these events have been designated as DH races the trails used in each event have A, B and in some cases C lines and as such can be ridden and raced on Trail, Enduro or Downhill bikes as long as the rider possesses the required ability and experience to ride technical trails. When not completing their race runs, riders will be able to continue to ride the other trails at the venue. Shuttles will be available from 9-3 pm approximately.


Yellomundee Regional Park
Gravity enduro rounds at Yellomundee will be using the existing trail network, with each timed stage focusing on the more technical descending trails at the venue. The trails used for each round are rated blue with some black sections as designated by IMBA trail rating system.
Del Rio Resort
Del Rio has a mix of Black and Blue trails (as designated by the IMBA trail rating system) that will be used at Downhill and Gravity Enduro rounds as well as Social Days. A full-face helmet will be required for all racing and social events. All trails have A, B and in some cases C lines and as such are suitable for Trail, Enduro or Down Hill bikes. The trails at Del Rio are on private property and are only available to be ridden on club days.


For Gravity Enduro rounds at Yellomundee, Full face helmets will be optional. For all riders who compete in the Under 15, and Under 17 categories, the following equipment is mandatory in addition to being recommended for all riders:

  • Full-finger gloves
  • Full-length jersey – jersey and or elbow pads
  • Knee pads.

Del Rio
For all race events at Del Rio Resort Full-face helmets will be mandatory for all riders.
However full face helmets are optional on Blue Trails on social days.
A jersey or shirt covering the elbows must be worn as a minimum. 3/4 length jerseys are acceptable.
Knees must be covered by full-length trousers and/or self-fastening knee or knee/shin guards expressly designed for offroad competition
For all riders who are eligible to compete in the Under 15, and Under 17 categories, the following equipment is mandatory

  • Full-finger gloves must be worn;
  • Full-length jersey – jersey must cover elbows at all times;
  • Knee pads and elbow pads must be worn.

AusCycling and WSMTB strongly recommend the use of the following for all competitors:

  • Neck brace expressly designed for off-road competition;
  • Back and shoulder protection expressly designed for the purpose;
  • Full finger gloves;
  • Elbow protectors and/or long-sleeve jersey to the wrist;
  • Goggles are expressly designed for this purpose


The club has purchased SPORTident (SIAC) timing system, As used in the EWS. Results for all gravity events will be published here