WSMTB hosts a number of events and training activities catering from U10, all the way through to U17  
Check out our calendar and come along for a race.  


We will run a mini-enduro for under 10s on a separate track to the adults.
The race generally runs for about 20 minutes, depending on how hot the day is and how tired the kids are looking! We try to start under 10s at about 8.30AM to be finished well before the adult racing starts. Registration is usually from 8.00AM.

As per club policy under 10s racing is all free of charge but all participants must have a current AusCycling membership. This must make us the only weekend kids activity where you don’t have to pay any memberships or subscriptions. Kids will be issued with a day licence if they are not AusCycling members – the cost of this is covered by the club.

We check the track before every race, but this is an open park area, so there is a risk of broken glass or other sharp litter items around the track. There is always a qualified first aider on site at club events for any scratches or scrapes.


• Helmets mandatory at all times whilst on site

• Gloves strongly recommended
• Please pump your tyres up to the correct pressure
• Make sure your brakes are working
• Use good track manners at all times (especially when overtaking lower riders)

Please come along to check out the racing, we usually hold under 10s racing when there is a club round at either Blue Gum or Yarramundi.

Check out our calendar and come along for a race.