Becoming a WSMTB Member

Club fees are $20 per year. Club fees help the club buy new equipment and cover some of the costs of racing, including timing, generators and the trailers to transport all the gear to and from races.

WSMTB members get 10% discounts at BikeMinded, Panthers Cycles, Nicks Cycles and Blackmans.

Please note: members of CA or BMXA can value-add to their membership and get a WSMTB Club MTBA membership for just $90.

To join using CA or BMXA value-add you must send/bring us a completed MTBA membership application and attach a copy of your current CA or BMXA license card or the application for it which has been stamped or signed by the club secretary.
Note: that you must have more than 3 months of CA or BMXA membership left to take advantage of the value add arrangements.

MTBA will not process a value add membership without a copy of the card.

Race Memberships – 2019:    

  Age* MTBA fee $

1year (3month)

Club fee $          1year (3month)
Dirtmaster 3 - 12 49 NA
Junior 13 - 18 102 (43) 20 (10)
Senior 19 - 59 140 (63) 20 (10)
Master 7+ 60+ 102 NA
Value Add Senior # 19+ 102 NA
Value Add Junior # 13-18 80 NA

Online Memberships Only:

*At time of purchase                          #Race Licenced holders of ADCC, CA or BMXA

Family of 3 – 4 riders receive 10% discount* on MTBA fee

Family of 5+ riders will receive 15% discount* on MTBA fee


 Day Licence:

3 – 18 Years of Age 22
19+ Years of Age 36
Recreation Upgrade 15
Value Add for CA, BMXA or TA members 15


Club Apparel:

Every item $40

What We Race

Cross-country has a very strong following and our club days are held at the Yellomundee Regional Park. Grades range up from the kids program, being Under 7s, 10s (U10s), U13s, U15s, Novice, D, C, B & A grade. All these comprise of separate boys, girls, men and women's classes. Find out more in our Cross Country XC section.

Downhill also is very active and tend to ride / race at the Dargle track or Pacific Park and run a large Varity of grades. Look up the downhill section on the web for more detail.
Find out more in our Downhill section.

Members of Western Sydney MTB club are in the second largest mountain bike club in Australia. We are fast catching the number one holders, being "Canberra Off Road Cyclists" (CORC). We only need another 20 odd members to join us to take the crown from our Southern friends on two wheels. So tell your friends about one of the most active clubs in Australia. See you on the track. BudWith membership of our club you are also joining with MTBA and I have listed (from their' Web-site) a list of benefits of affiliation to MTBA.

With membership of our club you are also joining with MTBA and I have listed (from their' Web-site) a list of benefits of affiliation to MTBA.

About MTBA

Why Join MTBA?

Some of the benefits of joining MTBA include:

• A national autonomous body for mountain biking
• National series that is raced all over Australia
• Cost effective membership
• Well priced day membership fees
• Rolling licenses (valid for 12 months from date of purchase)
• Flexibility in membership types (both recreational and competitive)
• All money collected by MTBA is returned to mountain biking clubs and riders
• Component of national membership is directed back for state administration
• Trails maintenance funding for states and clubs
• Works to keep trails open for all riders
• All members can race all MTBA events nationwide (club, state series, state championships, national series, national championships)
• Day membership for all categories and races which carry series points
• Each rider will receive a membership booklet and card
• Works to promote the sport to the general public through its contacts with the media
• Markets the sport to sponsors and television

Ride with Confidence

Insurance Coverage

Public Liability: $20m*
Product Liability: $20m
Personal Indemnity: $1m
Excess: $1k
Tragedy Benefit: $50k*
Disability: $50k and sliding scale based on level of permanent disability
Excess: nil
*Cover is 24hrs 7 days a week

For more information download this form
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Types Of Membership
There are three types of membership:

Senior Membership:
are over the age of 19 and ride / race in MTBA events across Australia.

Junior Membership:
are under, or are turning 19 that year and ride / race events as above.

Social Membership:
This is for non-competitive riders that either ride in social outings or help out with MTBA sanctioned events that want / need insurance cover in case they inadvertently contribute to an incident / accident.This insurance does not cover racing


Recreational Permit
The club is looking into the future with the kids program and have offered a special try before you buy type of day cover. This is called a Recreational Permit and is at a cost of $7 per day. It is limited to a few introduction rides (three tryouts) and a $25 day licence must then cover a continued interest and further participation. Membership to the club would negate the need for that fee as well.

Rider Development Grants

WSMTB may grant up to $500 to a member who is selected in a MTBA National team. Members must apply in writing to the Committee at least one month prior to the nominated event. For a member to be considered for the grant they must in the eyes of the Committee:

  • Be a current member of the club and of good standing, behavior and repute.
  • Be selected in a MTBA National Team.
  • Regularly race in WSMTB events.
  • Regularly be involved in WSMTB events such as Track work, Junior Development or the NSW All Schools MTB championships.
  • If the Grant is given it is expected that:
  • The rider will post event updates on the WSMTB Facebook page during their time away, and submit an event report to the club upon their return.
  • The rider continues to be a WSMTB member and participate in WSMTB events and make themselves available for Junior Development or training days.
  • The rider continues to be of good standing, behavior and repute.

Note that grants are made at the sole discretion of the WSMTB Committee.